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What Can I Expect on a Salon Visit?
Our truly experienced salon professionals are sensitive to your needs. They will be there for you to address each & every concern you have in choosing the perfect style, color & fit. It is perfectly normal to have a lot of questions.
  • When is it time to go to a salon?
  • Can people tell I'm wearing a wig?
  • Is a wig hot & uncomfortable?
  • What if my wig comes off?
  • Are wigs expensive?
  • Will I have to sit out in public when trying on a wig?
  • When can I tell I'm losing my hair?
  • Why can't I just buy a wig out of a catalogue or off the internet?
  • How long until my hair grows back?
  • Do I choose synthetic or human hair?
  • How do I care for my wig?

...but choosing a wig does not have to be this overwhelming. A professional wig consultant not only eases your anxiety but truly realizes this is a very personal experience. They guarantee your wig has never been "pre-owned" for 30 days & only deal with brand names that guarantee them the same. In most circumstances, hair loss starts 2 weeks after your 1st treatment. When your Doctor tells you part of your treatment requires chemotherapy, it is time to make your appointment. Your wig salon may prefer to see you before you lose your hair to ensure they match your color & style plus any pictures you have of different ways you like to wear your hair. Just because you'll be wearing a wig does not mean you are limited to one look.

You can be assured, you will leave the salon not only looking good, but feeling better.
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